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Damià López, новый Генеральный Директор

Совет директоров INOXPA GROUP сообщает о назначении г-на Дамиа Лопеса на должность Генерального Директор

Sales meeting 2016

В штаб-квартире INOXPA в Баньолес на прошлой неделе сосотоялась встреча представителей филиалов

Седельный Клапан Mixproof Cavity Spray

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The Mixproof valve  is a completely hygienic double sealing valve. This system allows for the simultaneous processes in the two bodies of the valve by providing interface between the two fluids, preventing the possibility of product contamination. The leakage chamber and the leakage detector can be cleaned by "cavity spray".  Manifolding is one of the applications of these valves in the food-processing industries, especially in the beverage and dairy industries. 

Принцип работы

When the valve is open the fluid can pass from one body to the other.
Once the valve is closed, the double seat creates an annular chamber that isolates the bodies sealing them with double seals. It allows a CIP operation providing an interface between the two fluids, preventing the possibility of product contamination.
Due to the leakage detector any leak of a seat seal is detected by the appearance of liquid at the bottom of the valve.
The leakage chamber and the leakage detection system are usually cleaned by CIP without interruption of the main process.
The area between the seats is cleaned by the introduction of the CIP fluid from an external source. Nozzles situated near the base of the lower poppet direct jets of CIP fluid onto the leakage chamber wall. The fluid is released down the drain tube.
The valve is balanced providing protection against overpressure and hydraulic shock up to 30bar.

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