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V-образный Смеситель MV

Описание Материалы и опции Документация


The V-type blender is used to produce homogeneous solid-solid mixture. Mixing is a common process step in the manufacture of products for industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, cosmetics, detergents, colorants, fertilizers and plastics.

Examples of materials or substances mixed in this way include pharmaceuticals, flour for confectionery, fish meal, refined or white flour, whole wheat flour, flour for coating, dextrins, enzymes, coffee, cocoa, milk powder, chocolate, gelatine, crème caramel and dessert powder, baby food, custard powder, starches, seeds, pigments, colorants, cosmetics, powdered or granulated plastics, fiberglass, etc.

Принцип работы

The unit consists of two cylinders arranged in a "V" shape with an angle of 80°. A manually actuated inspection and loading port is provided at the end of each cylinder, allowing access to its interior. The product outlet is located at the point where the two cylinders are joined and is fitted with a manually or automatically actuated butterfly valve. The geared motor and the bearing system are located within the lateral supports holding the blender body.
The solids are introduced into the blender through the loading aperture. The mixing performance is of 50%, that is, with each turn of the blender, the product located in the two cylinders moves into the central common section, and this is repeated continuously. The speed is not high, which makes this unit especially suitable for products that need to be
maintained cold.
The mixture is discharged through a hermetically closing butterfly valve which can be operated manually or automatically.
The unit is provided with a guard rail with electrical safety to prevent the operator from accessing it when in operation. If anyone should gain access to the unit, for safety reasons, the operation will cease.

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